Meet The Caldera Team

Josh Pollock

Josh Pollock is the founder of CalderaWP, which became Caldera Labs, and the author of Ingot. He is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API and a contributor to WordPress, the WordPress REST API, and plugins by Foo Plugins, Postmatic, Pods, Aesop Interactive, WordImpress, GravityView and more.

David Cramer

David Cramer is the author of Caldera Forms and many other free WordPlugins, as well as the BaldrickJS AJAX Framework. He is also a contributing developer for the Pods Framework. He lives in South Africa with his wife and children.

Christie Chirinos

Christie Chirinos was a co-founder of Ingot, which merged into Caldera Labs. She received her Master of Business Administration degree from Florida State University, specializing in information systems management. Christie lives in New York City with her cat, Snickers.